They’ll die again before they give up

DeadHeads (2011) is a movie about zombies. Only this time the protagonists are not the surviving people, but the very dead-headed ones. Pierce Brothers acted as screenwriters, directors, and producers of DeadHeads.

The Plot of DeadHeads

The plot of the picture is based on the fact that two guys “wake up” in the ranks of the newly-made zombies. And every decent US citizen considers it his duty to slam them. Mike and Brent are unlike the other dead, they have the mind and all the six senses, but they don’t care about bullets, and their hands fall off every now and then. When the confusion dissipates, the guys begin to wonder what to do next.

To start with, they decide to drink some beer in a nearby bar, where they have to disguise themselves and, together with people, defend themselves against “evil” zombies. An unexpected find for Michael was the wedding ring in his pocket, which was clearly intended for his girlfriend.

DeadHeads Movie Trailer

Friends decide to find the girl so that Michael can do what he did not have time to do in life. Ahead of the dead-headed, there is an exciting journey full of fun and dangerous adventures, as well as interesting meetings and new acquaintances.

Another zombie joins the guys, the standard infantile zombie. Travel to another state begins from the moment when they are picked up by an old man, who never saw a zombie in them. But not everything is so simple: throughout the entire movie, special team to exterminate zombies wants to kill them. Doubting Mike for the first time meets his ex-girlfriend at a reunion meeting where he hides under a suit.

The humor of the movie resembles another well-known movie Shaun of the Dead. The acting of the main actors is also on top. Shotguns, whiskeys, cheap drugs, zombies on a bicycle, beautiful bride and evil dad – everything is as it should be. On their way, the heroes will meet and good people and bad. From someone, they will run away, and with someone to sit under the night sky and talk about the eternal. There are many laughable scenes if you don’t expect too much from the film and initially treat it as a light movie.

The filmmakers scoff not at the zombies themselves, but at living persons, as if revealing to us the secret of human nature, which will not be erased even at our death, leaving the souls just as we could not be in life. Easy, desperate and naive.